Communing With Nature

by Delilah


Today I renewed my long lapsed bond with the rain. We used to be good friends, rain and me. Then I guess I grew up and forgot to stay in touch. But today was different.

I was feeling more than a little blue. It was one of those days that starts good and then crumbles. I had happily decided to spend the day alone at home. Plans with friends were canceled. A little “me-time” I thought would be good. I could sleep late, read some and shamelessly watch reruns of Friends.  Well I did all that. But by 4pm I was done with the hermit act and was wandering forlornly around the house looking for either something to do or something to eat, whichever I may find first.  

Then I saw the rain. Beautiful, wild rain teasing me till I went out to play. So I did. In my self imposed exile there was no one to tell me I shouldn’t. Feeling a little crazy and dressed in as little as I could – since the idea was to feel the rain on my bare skin -I ventured out.  Half an hour later I was soaked through and happier than I had been in a long time. It was a hell of a lot more therapeutic than any day at the spa. I finally understood what Topaz Mortmain felt when she “communed with nature” – although I still had my clothes on.

The only thing I couldn’t understand though was why I had not done this in the last 10 years. I’m pretty sure I did – or at least tried to – when I was a kid. And I know that in the recent past I have often had the impulse, but I never acted upon it. Somewhere I read that growing up means you just acquire more inhibitions. That, I believe is exactly what happened to me. Well no more. I have decided that I will no longer resist temptation. Rain or otherwise