Venus & Jupiter


Driving home along the Marine Drive last evening, just after sunset, I watched Venus and Jupiter shine side by side. The two brightest planets visible to the naked eye converge around this time of the year. All throughout November they have been inching towards each other and by the end of the month they will reach a conjunction on the celestial sphere just two degrees apart. But that’s as close as they will get for a while. By early December they start to drift away from each other. Venus, the swifter of the two will move away from Jupiter. It makes me so sad but there’s no one I can explain it to.




6 thoughts on “Venus & Jupiter

  1. Very interesting!
    I’ve always been fascinitated by stars and planets.. just never really knew much….
    next time, tell me..:) everything will be new to me too..:D

    btw, you work with gutterflower right?
    Hot chocolate some time?:) the trio – u, gf and moi?
    ONLY if you want to..:)

  2. I knew the brightest star in the evening sky was Venus but did not know about Jupiter, thanks for the info.

    There is so much to learn and so much beauty, if you only know where to look.

    1. wow thats an old post even i had forgotten about. written over a year ago. and that night i found so much meaning in the movements of those 2 stars. thanks for checking it out.

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