10 Decembers

10 years ago in December I skipped a class for the first time and went for a movie with my friends and a boy I was madly in love with. Consumed by guilt, I couldn’t look my parents in the eye for weeks. I even remember what I wore and what he wore. And what song was playing on the radio in his car as we left.

9 years ago in December my grandfather went in for a minor surgery and he never came home. I was devastated. The same boy I mentioned above had moved to the US but he was on the phone with me for 8 hours at a time trying to comfort me. It was this month that I also had my first glimpse of someone I would fall in love with eventually.

8 years ago in December that same boy was due back from the states for his first holiday since he left 1 ½ years ago and my whole life revolved around his visit. He came back on the 11th morning and we met just 2 hours later. We spent every second together and we slow danced to a starship song on New Years Eve. That month ended far too soon.

7 years ago in December my grandmother passed away just before New Year’s Eve. We had just broken up but the same boy held me for hours trying to comfort me. He was here on holiday and we spent every second together, fighting mostly, about why we can’t get back together. “Soon” we agreed, soon we would get back together when I was ready move there.

6 years ago in December he was here on holiday again but I was with someone else. We didn’t spend every second together that month. And that’s the last time he ever came to SL. Said there was nothing left for him here when I was with someone else. But with the strain of a long distance relationship off me, I was blissfully happy for the first time in years.

5 years ago in December I was all grown up. I had just started work. Took my new boy home and introduced him to my parents. I went on my first date with parental approval minus a curfew. It was fun to watch your father make small talk with the boy he would have shot one year before.

4 years ago in December the Tsunami came. I had planned to be in Hikka that weekend but was forced to stay back because we were shifting houses. Needless to say it was the bleakest December of all.

3 years ago in December I was plagued by a bad tooth. Oh such misery! I was sobbing for most part of that month. I missed all the Christmas festivities but I spent New Year’s Eve with a bunch of friends who have now become almost family.

2 years ago in December I was taking a break from work in between jobs. I put up my very first Christmas tree and made proper Christmas dinner. Life was good. Friends were a plenty.  That whole month was one big party.

1 year ago in December I was on holiday in the US. Freezing in the New York winter, wishing I was back home. I visited the boy I wrote about at the beginning. It was good to see him after 5 long years.  With 12 years behind us, we were as close as ever. But spending time with him, I realized how much we had both changed and how wise it was to let go when we did. Most of all though, I could not wait to come back to the people I loved.


7 thoughts on “10 Decembers

  1. your Decembers seem to have something or the other….
    interesting..yet some are so sad….
    lets see what this December brings..:D hopefully something nice and happy..:)

    oh oh oh. i must tell ya. I went to the temple an hour ago and while praying i looked at the sky and saw your star story..:) I hope it was the same thing..they were certainly two planets..:D and I remembered you..:)

  2. @ Jerry, I hope santa knows that i’ve been good this year;)

    @ LD, wow you saw my story in the sky. Were’nt they gorgeous? siiigh…And yeah my decembers have been pretty eventful. Its funny. I cant look back on 10 septembers and remember a thing. Hell I cant even remember last september:)

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