Cloud 9?


I’m happy. Really really happy. Sunflowers and blue skies happy. Hot chocolate and huggy pillows happy. Smurf happy.


And I have no clue why.


Nothing in particular has happened or is anticipated to induce this kind of joy.  It’s like a strange illness. How did I just wake up on a Monday morning (mother of all bad mornings!!!) and find myself so happy? And how did this happy feeling actually make it to Tuesday?


See, the thing is, I haven’t exactly been little miss sunshine lately. And I have tried so hard to perk up and get out of the slump I hit a while ago. So now it baffles me how with no effort or reason I feel so damn good.


Alcohol? Not since Saturday. Christmas spirit? Nah. Coffee interlude with two of my favorite bloggers? Likely. Sugar high from eating one too many sweets brought by a flower in the gutter? Maybe. All that second-hand road rage yesterday purged me of my angst? Possibly.


Two wise women told me yesterday that I shouldn’t question it. So here I am floating in my imaginary bubble of sunshine and daydreams. La la la…


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