So this is Christmas…

Here’s me losing my tag virginity to Gutter! So this is Christmas and what have I done?

·         Lived on my own for the first time in my life

·         Worked my ass off

·         Took a couple of months off work to travel halfway around the world

·         Lost a friend but found some new ones who I would prefer not to lose

·         Realized how therapeutic drinking alone could be. Only wine, but still

·         Read more books than I had in the last 4 years

·         Contemplated a change of career

·         Discovered magical things

·         Loved

·         Hated

·         Mastered the art of letting go. I think

But if I had tried to explain 2008 in one word I would have said “lukewarm”. Or maybe 2007 was too damn good it just can’t be topped. But there’s still December to go.


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