Recipe for Pretending You Dont Love Him

by Delilah


§     One pair of averted eyes

§     Handful of thorny comments

§     A deaf ear

§     Few missed calls

§     Pinch of jealousy

§     One sheet of indifference

§     Cold goodbye

§     Text messages at room temperature

§     ½ bottle of Vodka

§     Fake smile for garnishing



Prepare the missed calls in advance and leave to stew for half a day.

Then carefully mix averted eyes with the correct measure of deaf ear.

Add the thorny comments one by one.

Liberally sprinkle the pinch of jealousy and place on low heat to simmer all evening.

Once the hissing and bubbling starts pour the vodka in.

Cover with indifference and let it stand for a few hours. 

Finally, top it with a well chilled goodbye, garnish with the fake smile and serve with lukewarm text messages.


Enjoy your delicious heartbreak!!!