Calling All Homophobes

What makes a homophobe? Religious views? Inability to accept what you can’t apply to your own context?  Hidden homosexual tendencies?


Where is all this coming from?


My outrage at the resistance shown by our petty little world towards a recent UN declaration that sought the long overdue decriminalization of homosexuality.


Only 66 countries out of 192 UN member states supported this. 59 countries led by Syria actually petitioned against it. Sadly Sri Lanka is one of the countries that opposed the declaration.


What gives any country the right to penalize its people based on their sexual orientation? As individuals we may be entitled our own opinions on homosexuality but shouldn’t the state know better? We elect a government to run the nation because we expect them to make intelligent, unbiased decisions in the best interests of the people. But then they let us down by making prejudiced decisions supported by lame reasoning like “decriminalizing homosexuality will create uncertainties in the existing legal system”. Well change the damn system then!


Another irrelevant argument against decriminalization of homosexuality was that it may “legitimize” pedophilia. It is truly sickening how these so called authorities deliberately choose to believe a warped version of real facts. A Pedophile is commonly defined as “any adult who is sexually attracted to children”. No part of this definition labels the adult as a homosexual. Sri Lanka, with its sky rocketing rate of incestuous pedophilia should certainly know better.


While the Vatican and most Islamic countries vehemently oppose this declaration on religious grounds, it poses the question, if these religions advocate tolerance why the same does not extend to homosexuality. Its as good as saying “Love thy neighbor – but not if he is gay”


How sad it is that in these evolved times we live in, “gay rights” need to be fought for but since it’s a given, there is no need to even coin the term “straight rights”?


2 thoughts on “Calling All Homophobes

  1. I think most of the nations, including our own, just bow down to the requests of donors like Iran and other countries. It’s either oppose the thing, or loose billions in aid.

    Plus, with SL we have all these monks pretending to defend the culture and banning everything with fun in it’s description.

    Another thing being, it’s not like there’s gonna be a huge riot protesting it. Our people are still too stuck in the past to even allow that.

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