by Delilah

1.     The Tooth Fairy with a moustache

2.     Tooth Fairy’s brother – the Easter Bunny with anger management issues

3.     Prince Charming and his Men in Green

4.     Santa Clause and his elves from the north – minus the pole

5.     Puff the Magic Dragon who has been chatting up the Ambassador

6.     The Ambassador

7.     The Ambassador’s cat

And so the buck will pass, down a list of imaginary suspects.

Meanwhile, our Tooth Fairy digs in to his sack of rotting teeth for evidence, which supposedly will expose Lasantha for the “double-agent” he was. This, of course will completely justify why he had to be bumped off.

Seriously, does this government think that all it’s citizens are 5 years old?

Personally, I think it’s a tossup between the Tooth Fairy and the cat. Although the cat probably understands the concept of media freedom better.