1.     The Tooth Fairy with a moustache

2.     Tooth Fairy’s brother – the Easter Bunny with anger management issues

3.     Prince Charming and his Men in Green

4.     Santa Clause and his elves from the north – minus the pole

5.     Puff the Magic Dragon who has been chatting up the Ambassador

6.     The Ambassador

7.     The Ambassador’s cat

And so the buck will pass, down a list of imaginary suspects.

Meanwhile, our Tooth Fairy digs in to his sack of rotting teeth for evidence, which supposedly will expose Lasantha for the “double-agent” he was. This, of course will completely justify why he had to be bumped off.

Seriously, does this government think that all it’s citizens are 5 years old?

Personally, I think it’s a tossup between the Tooth Fairy and the cat. Although the cat probably understands the concept of media freedom better.


7 thoughts on “Whodunit?

  1. ha ha ha , brilliant!

    Have started reading Albert Speer’s memoirs. He was Hitler’s architect and eventually in charge of production of war munitions. He was sentenced to 20 years at the Nuremberg trials. He realised eventually what he had blinded himself to and accepted full responsibility for the crimes he was charged with. He comes across as articulate and fundamentally decent, but allowed himself to be blinded to what was really going on.

    How many here are in the same position?

    A fascinating read.


    1. Jack, thank you 🙂
      I dont think most people even understood this post.
      Will check out this Albert Speer guy. Anything Nazi related fascinates me.

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