My Favorite Distraction

by Delilah

Work. You gotta love how it takes over your life. Swallows you whole, in one big mouthful.


It’s the perfect anesthetic. Making you numb to the bone while the rest of your life crumbles like a stale biscuit. Even when you are too upset to remember your own name, you can still operate on autopilot – attending meetings, strategizing and writing complicated reports. In fact, I find that the best of work can emerge when everything else is in shambles.


Nothing anchors me down the way that work does. Keeping me conscious and aware that life goes on and that I need to function at whatever cost. Even if it means gulping down gallons of coffee on an empty stomach because I just didn’t have time or the appetite to eat.


But it does save me from wallowing in self-pity and over-analyzing my problems. So here’s to work…heartbreak shelved, tears blinked away and sleepless nights filled!!!