Roach Tales Continued

by Delilah

Reading posts by Blackexists and The Unsilent One, reminded me of my own freak-experience with roaches.

A few years ago I had just moved to a new house with one other person. It was a gorgeous place but really quite tiny. One of those modern designs where the living & dining areas and the kitchenette are all together in one stretch and a large door leads to the solitary bedroom. Everything was peachy or so we thought.

One night around 2am I woke up with the odd feeling that something crawled up my leg. I sat up in my sleepy confusion not wanting to wake my roommate. And then I felt something moving on my head. I frantically tore away at my hair trying to muffle my screams. Roomie jumped off the bed and switched on the light to reveal the horror of horrors. I kid you not… there were at least 20 roaches all over our room. On the bed, walls, doors and crawling on the floor. So we run out of the room in to the hall area, switching on every single light on the way. And the horror continues. Every surface had roaches. Flying and crawling. I could see them literally swarming in through a tiny gap in a ventilation grill. Oh and that swishy noise they were making with their wings. Ugh!!! We couldn’t stand in one place because they would crawl up our legs. One sight that haunts me still is the shadow of one roach, crawling on the edge of my lampshade, being thrown on the wall – about twenty times bigger than its actual size. With antennas waving menacingly, it really looked like a monster.

In between sobs and screams I managed to call my father who said he would pick us up right away. I don’t know how I survived the 15 minutes till he got there. The front door was covered with the little monsters so we did not dare approach it as means of escape in to the garden. But the moment I heard my father’s car outside I flung the door open and ran right past my bewildered father, got in the car, slammed and locked (I don’t know why) the doors. My parents went in and got a few things I would need and locked up the house.  I hadn’t even realized that all I wore was a barely-there transparent slip of a night-dress. But then there really was no time for modesty. I was shaking and sobbing all the way home. Honestly, I was never one of those people who squeal at the sight of a roach. With a can of bug spray I could have easily handled one or two roaches. Maybe even five or ten. But 100ish? I think not.

So the next day my parents go there, armed with all kinds of sprays, disinfectants and roach-poison. And there’s nothing!!! Not a single roach. Cupboards were checked, curtains pulled down and the whole house was marinated in Lysol. But we never found a trace of the phantom roaches. To this day, where they came from and where they went to remains a mystery. I eventually returned to the house after sealing up all potential entry points. And I kept reminding myself that it could have been a lot worse. Imagine, if I woke up to 100 spiders in my house…shudder!