Little Rome Calls

So I’m off on holiday for 3 days. Playing hooky from work on Friday. As the rest of SL heads to GLF, I’m going in the opposite direction to Negombo.


Taking with me;

·         Camera

·         iPod

·         One old book of poetry – which contains a collection of absolutely delicious poems by the likes of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Wordsworth, Keats and even Rossetti

·         One laptop and two movies

·         cheese & chocolate

·         Boys – 5 of em to be precise


Planning to;

·         Watch the sunset

·          play in the ocean at dusk (when the water is warm and swirls around you like in a Jacuzzi)

·         Lie on the beach at night under the stars

·         Visit the old Dutch fort(at least what’s left of it) and a couple of churches

·         Forget the rest of the world – especially that part of the world where my office is

·         Make memories


Coming back;

·         Preferably never

·         Probably on Sunday







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