Brief Conversation



I’m sitting here with my friend.

He smokes his cigarette, taking long lazy drags.

And he asks me why I choose to remain anonymous in my blog.

I had mentioned to him previously that I have a blog. But he wonders why I won’t let him read it. He insists that a friend is more likely to appreciate your writing. 

I bluff my way through disjointed explanations.

And he gives me that lop-sided smile I know so well.

My argument is that friends are prone to over-analyze what you write, while strangers are likely to be more objective because they are not involved in your life.

But maybe he’s right. Maybe I’m just a coward.

Maybe the opinion my friends have of me, matters to me more than that of strangers. And I’m afraid what I write here will color that.

Or maybe I’m embarrassed about how my heart is so obviously worn on my sleeve. My blog bears witness to a myriad of emotions which even people who know me well would never guess I am capable of.

It could even simply be that I fear my writing is… well just not that good.

All I know is that it’s especially hard when some opinions matter more than others.

Hence the people closest to me remain unaware of my blog.

Now our conversation is over. He’s absorbed in a cricket match.

And I’m lost in anonymity and pseudonyms.


8 thoughts on “Brief Conversation

  1. Mine’s not completely anonymous, and a lot of people know me in real life too.

    Don’t really mind close friends reading it… Each to his own, I guess.

    But then your material is more… personal. I think I’d be a little apprehensive about it if I wrote like you too…

  2. I didn’t let on the fact that I had a blog to my friends because I wanted it to be a soapbox for me to let out everything I usually don’t talk about in real life.

    Didn’t work out that way though. So I just steer clear from most personal stuff.

  3. Familiar blog layout!! Haha.

    A lot of my closest friends know that I’m the author of my blog. But some of them don’t. I don’t know why I’ve been so strangely selective. Just a feeling I guess. I’ve also told some people who aren’t that close to me, just so that I can hear their feed-back. I like hearing from both sides – from those who know me and those who don’t.

    Strange thing, blogging. It’s so intensely personal but so…. out there.

  4. hmmm.. that’s a common question when you’re a blogger isn’t it. i started off anonymous. But wasn’t really particular about people knowing about it. but i guess thats cos i dont get all that personal on mine.. annonymity is good all in all until you get comfy with the whole thing and figure out what you mostly write about i suppose..

  5. like jerry so aptly said, each to his or her own i guess. the funny thing is… although my posts may sound intensely personal, what i write here isnt necessarily about me every time.but in some way they all reflect my emotions.

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