Of Bob Dylan & Mahinda

by Delilah


‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ has always been a favorite.

Today however it comes to mind for reasons beyond mere appreciation of Dylan’s wicked lyric writing.

So apparently the government is doing a lot of ‘good’. And the citizens are blindly grateful.

But how many roads must one man build, till lives lost in hundreds can be redeemed?

How many victory speeches should he make before the media is free to comment?

How many military galas will he host to drown out the sound of dissent?

How much of irrigation can be done to wash the blood off his hands?

I was just reading up on ‘Gamin Gamata’ the so called “Presidential Community & Welfare Service”.

“Presidential”?  Now was it really necessary to label it that?

Also, how interesting it is, to note that this endeavor is conveniently being operated by the PR unit of the presidential secretariat.