12.35 am and I’m lying alone on the swing in my garden.

These moments are so rare and perfect, it’s almost surreal.

I want to remember tonight.

Stars are few but Orion stands out like a familiar friend.

Fireflies keep me company.

I’m thinking mostly about work. Filtering ideas.

Listening to ‘Sleepless’ by Jann Arden.  It’s a song I’ve lately come to love.

She sings of finding the one person you want – out of four billion people.

The one you can talk for hours with or just do nothing at all.  

Lucky her.

In my cynical opinion, you never will find that person. And if you do, they won’t be yours to take.

But right here in this moment, when I’m suspended far from reality, I don’t need anyone.

Just me, the stars and the music will do.




5 thoughts on “Sleepless

  1. alone to myself with my music is sometimes all i ever really need.
    if ur a jann arden fan, and u haven’t already heard Insensitive (although i’m sure u have), u should give it a go. it’s definitely my fav from her.

  2. damn straight!
    heard the acoustic version too i hope? coz that just brings out the raw pain evident in the lyrics.
    always manages to tap into my emotional side. each and every time.

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