Hikka Withdrawal Syndrome

by Delilah

I wish I could bottle Hikka and bring it back home with me.

Like they put ships in bottles or New York in snow globes.

It was an interesting weekend with refreshing company and one smoking-hot German diving instructor.

I sat on the beach for hours at a stretch, watching stars, reading, listening to music and in quiet reflection.

It was a different woman walking in my urban thongs.

Never have I felt so completely removed from my life back home. Maybe it helped that I was with people that I had never met.

Made very little conversation and spent a lot of time with myself. The only contact with my real world was one call home and a single text message to my closest friends.

So here I am battered and bruised from body surfing, a bad ankle gone worse, sun burnt and with sand in my hair.

But in my head am happily singing boom de ya da…boom de ya da…boom de ya daaaa…