Nonsensical Ruminations


  • What on earth is David Gray singing about in “Flame Turns Blue”?
  • Speaking of flames…who stole my cinnamon candle?
  • Kissing with cinnamon chewing gum in your mouth must be like mmmmmmm…
  • What would give me more satisfaction…spreading my annoying client on a sandwich or drowning him in a tub of noodles?
  • Where can I find a map to study train routes in Sri Lanka?
  • In all our outrage are we involuntarily giving MIA too much publicity?
  • Where can I buy an antique music box from?
  • How come some people have such hawt hands?
  • Is it being masochistic if something feels good even when it hurts like hell?
  • To get a cat or not to get a cat?
  • Did Cleopatra really have a cat?
  • Where is my phone…then again who would steal my phone?





3 thoughts on “Nonsensical Ruminations

  1. I’ve done the cinnamon chewing gum thing! It wasn’t gum, it was this yummy sweet type thing. Like tic tacs only bigger. This guy I was dating (he was South African – fantastic accent…) was addicted to them and he got me hooked.

    But now I hate them because everytime I have one I think of kissing him. And while the kissing was good, the whole relationship was a little (or a lot) on the weird side. So it’s a bit strange having that sweet now and thinking of him. But at the time, it was delicious.

    This was a ramble. Sorry 😛

  2. @ Dee, I dunno if you can get cinnamon gum here:S As for the cat…still contemplating.

    @ Gypsy, it is weird isnt it how you asscoiate taste or smell with another person? i used to have a mocha lip gloss around the time i broke up with my ex, and he swears that the smell or taste of mocha makes him sad. It apparently reminds him of kissing me during those final days even though it was like 8 years ago

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