Nonsensical Ruminations

by Delilah


  • What on earth is David Gray singing about in “Flame Turns Blue”?
  • Speaking of flames…who stole my cinnamon candle?
  • Kissing with cinnamon chewing gum in your mouth must be like mmmmmmm…
  • What would give me more satisfaction…spreading my annoying client on a sandwich or drowning him in a tub of noodles?
  • Where can I find a map to study train routes in Sri Lanka?
  • In all our outrage are we involuntarily giving MIA too much publicity?
  • Where can I buy an antique music box from?
  • How come some people have such hawt hands?
  • Is it being masochistic if something feels good even when it hurts like hell?
  • To get a cat or not to get a cat?
  • Did Cleopatra really have a cat?
  • Where is my phone…then again who would steal my phone?