Power Cut Circus


No, not the band.

The 45 minute power cut earlier tonight.

It was interesting to observe how different people react to these little inconveniences.

There are 3 individuals living in my house and all were engaged in rather important activities of their own when we lost power.

One promptly lit a candle and even offered to light a few for the others. Then with the sheer grace, which can only be compared to that of Florence Nightingales, she merrily went about doing exactly what she was occupied with before.

Unfortunately the next one reacted with as much humor as Captain Haddock. He stormed out of his room and paced up and down the garden path for the entire duration of the black out. Waved his Blackberry to and fro, in between loud complaints of heat, exasperated swearing and threats to call the CEB.

The third picked up a couple of cushions and relocated to the garden swing. She lay on her back and watched the stars, while hurling the occasional sly comment just to provoke the disgruntled one. All the while conducting a long and meaningless conversation with Maurice the cat

So there. The calm practical one, the irate one and the unconcerned clown.

Home sweet home.


4 thoughts on “Power Cut Circus

  1. I like the unconcerned clown too..:) I would love to become one… why didn’t I think of this when it happened last night..? I had a bit of Haddock in me.. then wore something thin in texture and lay in bed till I fell asleep…

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