Saturday Randoms

1.       Moonlight falling on waves is so beautiful it’s almost ethereal. Was on the beach for hours last night. The water was calm and shimmering silver. Standing on the shore, I almost expected a mermaid to appear out of no where.


2.       You know you are a workaholic when… you not only work over the weekend but you actually enjoy sinking your teeth in and chewing hard. Even worse is when you look forward to Monday.


3.       Why don’t they make turquoise Urban Thongs anymore? Why don’t they make em in interesting colors period? Gone are the beautiful yellows, greens, reds and oranges. Replaced by rather dull colors with hideous designs.


4.       Friday night conversation made me wonder…do women really want to hear it when their men are critical about what they wear? Is it worth changing your style for a man?  Eg. If he says you look bad in certain types of outfits/colors would you give them up?


5.       Or would you rather go by your metrosexual guy pal’s recommendation – if you simply must get a male opinion on your clothes.  


6.       I think I just want a man who is unconcerned with what I wear. Maybe he’ll admire me in some outfits and not particularly favor others. But either way he needs to respect the fact that my wardrobe choices are mine to make. How tiresome it would be otherwise, to go through life wondering if every outfit you wear wins his approval.


7.       Do people lose their capacity for spontaneity as they get older – why does the idea of an impromptu Hikka trip bring on a shocked reaction from some but enthusiasm from others


8.       If your need for space happens to be colossal, is it wiser to be single?


9.       Last night, why was I possessed by such a wicked impulse to tease my sweet confused friend? I asked him nonsensical questions – for which I already knew the answers. There are times when I just want to put his mind under a microscope and study every little detail, from all different angles. I can’t explain it.


10.    Funny how my Billy Joel dream came true – well almost.


11.    What a kick it is to make an instant connection with someone – I was introduced to this extraordinary guy today. But felt like I’ve known him a lifetime and wanted to know still some more


12.    Donut fever has hit Colombo. But having sampled them all, I wonder if it’s a little overrated


13.    Ate ‘Isso Wadai’ for the first time today. How come no one ever told me how good they taste??? My earliest memory of isso wadai is…walking on the Galle Face Green with my parents and being told by my mother that I would get sick and surely die if I ever ate them. So I went through life always suspiciously eyeing isso wadai from a respectful distance. I ventured as far as trying umbalakada wadai, but never the isso ones. Anyhow, I ate 6 today, so hopefully at this rate I can make up for years of missed wadais.





5 thoughts on “Saturday Randoms

  1. *Doughnut.
    Fevers are to be gat rid of as soon as possible…

    If your need for space happens to be colossal, you need to make a few trips to the ol’ gym.

  2. Ok i’m bored.
    1. I lovvvvve the beach!

    3. uRban thongs is just really good marketing and perception building of rubber slippers. (ok so maybe i dont have 500 to spend on em :P)

    4. i dont mind constructive critisizm…mmeh..

    5. wish i had a metro gal pal 😦

    7. I dunno 😦

    8. is would be. coz it takes a lot of tolerance space sharing in a relationship na?

    9. PAU! u shud never judge ur friends 🙂 just love them for who they areee! if u are ina picky mood, blog about it 🙂 mwah!

    11. I totlaly get you

    12. YES it is overated. it just tastes like normal donuts to me… :S

    13. Isso wadei rocks. theres a guy near the no limit, past nugegoda. i think 7th mile post. REALLY nice 😀

  3. Moonlight on the beach is breathtaking isn’t it? I have a moon fetish and a water fetish. So both combined is positively orgasmic to me.

    And Urban thongs are over rated. Bata slippers are the way to go! 😛

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