Good Morning Sunshine!

You could say that I’m not a morning person.

But that’s not entirely true.

I like my mornings.

I just don’t like sharing it with other people.

In other words I don’t want to make conversation.

Also, I prefer waking up to my own alarm and not someone screeching.

I love to linger in bed for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth of that feeling between sleep and waking.

I like to reach over for my book and read a few more pages of what I was reading before I went to sleep.

And I like to listen to music while I get ready.

On the drive to work I prefer to be quiet and maybe listen to music.

For me, mornings are private. It’s the time I collect my thoughts.

Often, it’s the only time I have for myself before work engulfs the rest of my day.  

When my mornings are violated with small talk, petty complaints, lectures and arguments, I tend to retreat and my replies are reduced to monosyllables.

Unfortunately, this seems to anger people and I am accused of being difficult.

But is it really too much to ask?


6 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine!

  1. Ehh exact same situation here.
    I hate being woken up by people and they’re just rushing around with the uberlectures and the intrusiveness and what not. Who wants to wake up to that?
    Most of the time over here, it’s difficult to get any of the Morning Requirements you’ve mentioned, which is why I’ve become known as the not-so-morning-person. -_-

  2. Interesting…the first thing I do in the morning is switch on the laptop and start communicating wtih the world. Living in the west has made me a tech whore even at 5am. I have however started to like the mornings since I started waking up at godforsaken times to hit the gym before work, so much so I’ve started to wake up early on the weekends.

  3. oh totally relating to this one. i don’t even speak till i have my tea. i mean not a single word. i have this ritual-like process in the mornings, kind of like a slow initiation process to the rest of the day. sacred stuff. well…for me atleast. 😀 absolutely hate it when others get in the way of that. :/

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