Confessions of a Stress-Bucket

A cup of coffee and a swipe of lipstick. 

That’s all I had time for today so far.


A restless night was spent on the couch reading endless research reports. Out of sheer exhaustion, sleep came at dawn.


But from the moment I woke, my mind has been working at top speed and my fingers literally flying all over the keyboard.


Last evening was strange. A bad day at work turned worse when late at night I received a couple of awful text messages. And the change in my mood was too pronounced for me to conceal.


Lately I feel that work takes out a little too much of me. Not so much physically, but the mental effort seems to drain me. Throw in a pinch of office politics and it all becomes even peachier.


I’m disappointed in myself.


I have always been complimented on handling stress exceptionally well. I’m usually at my calmest when stressed out the most. I enjoy the exhilaration of tussling with a difficult client and the adrenalin rush of meeting a mean deadline. I consciously take on projects that require extra diplomacy simply for the above reasons.


Now however, I find myself plotting murder. In the past, if I ever do get frazzled, no sooner than I step out of office all the tension falls away. But now, this stress fellow insists on getting in the backseat and riding home with me. Sigh.


So instead of going for lunch now, here I am tapping away my pledge to relax. I’m officially ending my fling with stress.


Say hello to Little Miss Sunshine!












9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Stress-Bucket

  1. hey good luck with the project.

    I used to be very bad at handling stress by now it seems to be getting easier.

    Staying out of office politics completely is a part of the solution. Staying away from work colleagues after working hours also helps – I have friends and I have colleagues. I socialise with friends but not with colleagues. There is only one person I know who falls into both categories.

  2. @ Black, hmmm maybe i will:)

    Jack, thank you. and i agree, my colleagues are clearly seperate from my friends. very rarely would a colleague become a friend.

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