Yellow Flowers & Coffee Creme


Yellow flowers make me happy.

Went flower shopping with my favorite Metrosexual.

And I ended up getting a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers.

Now they light up my desk like a dollop of golden sunshine.


On an even more frivolous note…

I think my office needs to have a policy against hiring hot men.

There is this new guy who is causing quite a bit of distraction.

He’s gorgeous in an unconventional, coffee crème kinda way.

Walking around in all his nonchalance, he makes some people stop mid-sentence and forget what they were saying.

And when he smiles his dimpled smile there are only puddles left on the floor where the females used to be.

Surely this can’t be healthy for work.


Went out for drinks last night with a friend.

We listened to Katie Melua all the way home and I fell in love with a song called ‘Tiger in the Night’.

I think it’s based on a poem, ‘The Tyger’ by William Blake.

It’s beautiful. Have a listen.


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