Mountain Songs

I’m feeling rather despondent.

Trying to get the mountains out of my head.

The chilly winds of Horton Plains and a wild tequila night.

Daydreaming on a balcony and making strawberry cocktails.

Wild boar on a grill and marshmallows frozen on a stick.

Millions of stars in the sky and some in my eyes.

A beautiful night, sleepless on the porch steps watching the sky turn color as the sun came up. Long conversations, interesting revelations and deliciously warm hugs. A cold river and water fights. Laughing like children with the rain on our skin.

In reality though, I’m back in the vile heat of Colombo, inundated with work.

Trying to forget an accident which almost made human kebabs out of me and Charm Bracelet. But my heart, I think I’ve left it behind.

And all I have are memories of our mountain songs.



9 thoughts on “Mountain Songs

  1. Accident *shudder* I wish my mind had a switch I could turn off or a delete button… as cliched as it sounds I honestly do wish that. I hate that it only comes with a re-wind and re-play.

    Strawberry cocktails a.k.a ‘Eiffel Tower’ 😉

    Virgin mix –

    – 3 Strawberries cut up lengthwise
    – One strawberry mashed with a fork
    – One glass of sprite.

    Mix all of the above in a shaker.

    Not so Virgin mix

    – All of the above + 25/50ml of Absolut Ruby Red

    Salut!! 😀

    PS – I personally think the Virgin version rocks!

    Horton Plains – is sooooooooo Wuthering Heights-like. Romantic!!!

    Sigh, I miss NE already.

  2. *Imagines ‘your mom’ joke
    *thinks better of it

    Low, lady, low 😛

    But then again, am I so desperate to get rid of it? Should I join the ranks of the non-sacrificial? Is it just to throw something away? What did she mean when she said ‘coffee’?

    All puzzling questions, not helped by my kebabs being delayed.

    I want.

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