Jealousy – Repost



When you hold her close

When you smell her hair

Feel the curve of her hip

As you twirl her in the air

When you whisper our songs

When you make her fall

When you love her tonight

Will you think of me at all?



Ok so I deleted this a while ago. Reposting it for whoever that has been searching for itJ



2 thoughts on “Jealousy – Repost

  1. allo!

    how are ya? u dnt have an email, so just thought id type here.. how is charms aka mayanthi? tell her i said hi and that she really should get back to blogging.. 🙂



    1. hey G, am good. couldnt find an email addy for you either. so figured i’d type here too. Charm is fine. dunno about blogging though 🙂 take care.

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