Big Hair

Me:  Hey do you like Eye of the Tiger?

Co-worker:  Eh? What?

Me:  Errr…Survivor

Co-worker:  Oh! So which season of Survivor was that?

*Hit myself on the head repeatedly with stapler


I can’t quite explain my love affair with the big hair days.

And no, it’s not just about those hot sweaty men prancing around in torn shirts and skinny jeans.

I like quite a few big haired women also.

I’m simply hypnotized by the sheer energy and charisma that oozes from every note, every move.

Ok ok… 80’s trip over. For now.


11 thoughts on “Big Hair

  1. gaar… 80’s….. blech! 😀

    sorry.. i just cant.. take.. the 80’s.. well perhaps a few selected stuff, VERY selected.. but otherwise.. aargh… 😀

  2. I see pictures of my dad with his friends out in the desert with an almost-afro and weird ass bell bottoms wearing aviator shades, and shudder.

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