Devils in Heaven




Tangled sheets


A flick of tongue


Ripple of muscle


And a curling toe


Taste of his neck


The satin of my thigh


Arching of backs


And a stifled cry


Afterglow bright


The fruit of desire


And devils in heaven


Playing with fire





17 thoughts on “Devils in Heaven

  1. Pretty strong stuff. Sensual yet mysterious. Perfectly captured. Is this really your imagination or an actual experience?

    1. unsilent, thank you.

      wizard, thank you and yes it really was only my imagination. though it woulda been nice otherwise.

  2. 🙂 aww you are just being sweet noh? to make up for not sharing marshmallow centered croissants.
    but seriously, thank you.

  3. what!?!
    never 😛

    seriously though, your writing has improved a lot from the first poem of yours I read (:
    and check your direct message inbox on twitter 😉

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