Things That Make Me Purrr…



1.      Finding a song/ book that I have been hunting for. That satisfying moment when I gloat over my discovery.


2.      Coffee. The thick black “malagedara kopi” kind or creamy Nescafe. But only in a mug that is big enough to ‘nurse’.


3.      Pol Sambol, chocolate, Portello and hot butter cuttlefish from Steam Boat. Not all together and not necessarily in that order.


4.      The silky smooth feeling after being waxed. Arms, legs or Brazilian (try the Saranankara Road joint). When you want to just stroke yourself because you feel sooo good.


5.      Watching stars. Some of my happiest moments are spent lying on my back on the garden swing, staring up at the sky.


6.      Sleeping naked. Especially after a shower while my skin is still damp.


7.      Sunday mornings. The only day of the week I eat proper breakfast, watch TV and read actual newspapers.


8.      Lingerie. I have an incurable weakness for satin slips and lacy bra’s.


9.      Walking in mud. Cold, squishy mud that makes a “thwack” noise when you move your feet. I like to pretend that I’m walking on chocolate fudge.


10.  Watching people. I’m absolutely content when I get to sit in a corner and observe people.


11.  Being home alone. Even as a kid I used to look forward to the times I would be left alone at home. I felt like the queen of my castle. Still do. Love my own company.


12.  Being fed by my mother.


13.  Discussing politics & current affairs with my father. We are both opinionated people and often disagree. But I love the process of thrashing things out till we reach middle ground. Or till my mother feeds us.


14.  Plain tea from Raheemas. Hot and sweet, served in purple teacups.


15.  Beanbags. My own and even the dirty ones at Commons.


16.  Getting flowers for no particular reason.


17.  Old T-shirts. You know the kind that is threadbare and ridden with holes, but you still wear because they are so comfy. The oldest I own is my cousins Tennis team T-shirt which he gave to me 17 years ago.


18.  Lying face down on fresh laundry. Much to the chagrin of my maid, I love to pounce on piles of folded clothes and bury my face in the clean smell of detergent. Very cat-like habit I know.


19.  Country music.


20.  Wine. Usually the sweet California white. But after the first few glasses any wine will do.


21.  Being held. Love it most when someone holds me from behind. But I’m a sucker for hugs of any sort.


22.  Bubble baths. Last year, for a few months, I stayed in an apartment that had a huge tub. With time on my hands, I even started researching the different kinds of bath oils I could experiment with. Utter bliss.


23.  Napping after breakfast. Try this in Nuwara Eliya for best results.


24.  The company of certain friends. The kind with whom I don’t necessarily have to make conversation. Ones I can just curl up on the couch and hang out with.


25.  Floating on my back. In a pool, ocean or river. It’s a bonus when I get to do that at night when the stars are out. Best ever was in Nilaweli, Trinco.




25 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Purrr…

  1. Loved the list!
    Agreed on: 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12 and and some others coz I was going ‘ah huh, so do I, so do I!’ hehe =)

  2. Niiiice post… personally 5,6,11,24 & I echo N, 4 on someone else 😀

    I’d add walking/singing in the rain to this 🙂 but thats just me 🙂

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