What About Armchair Warriors?


With the war being over, what will we talk about now?

And after the victory messages get old, what will the ‘Facebook Patriots’ change their status updates to?

For as long as I can remember, the war or the ‘situation up north’ has been a favorite topic among us Sri Lankans, at home and away.

But I can’t help but wonder if this same enthusiasm, with which we followed the war, will continue in relation to rebuilding and rehabilitation of the nation.

Call me a cynic but I somehow find it hard to believe that most of us would remain as passionate about the aftermath.

I don’t believe that my colleagues will let their lunch go cold while they argue over resettlement issues or that my friends & I will fight over the rights of Tamil civilians while sipping our rum and coke.

But I sure hope that I’m proven wrong.


21 thoughts on “What About Armchair Warriors?

    1. i know. my dad is helping out up there and i hear some horror stories. oh well, at least we know they wont be blown up anymore. and now we can all do something to help.

  1. not too sure about that, people tend to lose interest when matters drift away from their spheres of concern. remember the tsunami’s displaced? and the amount of funds that went ‘missing’? there is a suprisingly lax attitude towards corruption here, and that may turn things ugly after the war..

  2. “what will the ‘Facebook Patriots’ change their status updates to?”

    good point… its almost funny to notice all da sudden patriotism going around.. here’s hoping its just the cynic in me..

    1. Cricket, yep. looking forward to see how that will be done. now is the time to decide if we are racists or not.

  3. Whack, exactly my point. without the sensation of war, how much interest can we count on and for how long?

    G, whats funnier to watch will be just how long it all will last:)

  4. Well at least the whole place will be opened up to travel.


    Besides, I’m sure we’ll heatedly post about the Red Cross, see buses covered in NGO logos instead of army pics and replace all the toy guns with shovels.

    S’only nat’ral.

    1. Jerry, like i said at least the worst is over and the killing has stopped. when the areas open up we will have opportunity to do so much more.

  5. I don’t believe that my colleagues will let their lunch go cold while they argue over resettlement issues or that my friends & I will fight over the rights of Tamil civilians while sipping our rum and coke.

    You just painted ‘reality’

  6. Haha! Exactly!
    This has been all my aunts and uncles ever yap about.. so come the next teaparty, should be weird to witness the nothingtotalkabout-ness.
    Uncle: So, uh..
    Aunt: Yeah, um, how’re the kids?
    Uncle: Good. This resettlement stuff, crazy no?
    Aunt: Yeap..
    *awkward silence*

  7. Maybe what bothers you is that the war is over while terrorism and the Tamil aspirations for their own land is not over.
    What lies ahead in the next few months is important as I believe it will shape the future of our country for ever.
    As for the celebrations, I felt as a Sri Lankan a rush of relief that terrorists don’t hold the sovereignty of our country hostage anymore.
    I have met and worked with members of the LTTE who were in Colombo during the peace process ages ago and also visited Killinochchi and Batticloa. They were not very nice people for whatever reason. They were terrorists who suddenly realized that holding a gun to someone’s head vs. verbal negotiations were a completely different ball game. Most importantly it was surprising to realize that their sermons of idealism were complete bullshit, they too were carried away with the love for power and brutality.
    So when I heard that it’s over and complete control over Sri Lanka is back with the SLGov I did get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.
    Yes the human loss and suffering is unbearable and unbelievable, but the LTTE had and have no place in Sri Lanka. That much is important.
    So for once in our life lets forget our Sri Lankansisms of the past, lets be quietly proud and unite together to breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to a better future.
    Smile. It’s OK.
    Fuck the negativity for once, lets celebrate.

    1. Dhammika D,
      contrary to your assumption, i wasnt at all referring to “Tamil aspirations for their own land”.
      and it wasn’t about negativity either. I am feeling as happy and as patriotic as you and the guy who is waving a national flag and serving kiribath up my street are.
      i also hate the LTTE and what they did to our country.
      but while i’m elated and my friends are celebrating in my living room this very minute, i cant help but wonder if we will ever be as interested in what happens next. wont we miss being armchair warriors? wont we miss our favorite topic of discussion?
      and do you honestly think that the majority will remain so avidly interested in how the rehabilitation works?
      sSo really, it’s not about fucking negativity.
      i was only thinking out loud about reality.

  8. I take the liberty of quoting from a comment by DD, about the million starfish washed up the beach. The child 3 back to the sea and answers his critics who ask whether he feels that he can make a difference. “yes it made a difference to this one , this one & this one”. let’s reach out and try to change a life, Let’s start with our thinking , later we will consider how we can change the world…This might sound a a very simpleton kind of a comment, but I trully believe answers to our complicated are problems are just that….very very simple

  9. JP, i agree wholeheartedly.

    i was only wondering about that change in attitude myself.

    wondering when we’d stop the speculation sitting in our armchairs and actually think about doing something.

    unfortunately this was misinterpreted as negativity:)

  10. Yep, agree with what you say. To a majority, that passion was a fad, lasting as long as a soap bubble. After the war, it’s natural for them to get back to their old topics and not worry about the rebuilding, or about the ones left behind.

    But I’m sure even if it’s a small fraction, there are still people who are genuinely patriotic. Such people will always do what they ought to do for the country, at all times. So yep, let’s hope for the best.. ne? =)

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