Jack do you hear?

A whisper in the crowd

People talk.

They argue my death.

Voices low

They want to know.

Jack, they want a name.

Who was it?

That ravaged my dreams

Bathed me in tears

And bartered my love

Easy like a whore.

Who ripped my heart?

Sliced me open

With a practiced hand

Spilled my guts

Stole my innards

And left me lying for dead


Someday, Jack.

They swear.

Someday, they will

Come for you

Hunt you down

And try you

For every woman

Whose trust

You butchered

Every soul you plundered

Out here, on these streets


But Jack, take heart

You’ll be alright.

No blood will taint

Your beautiful hands

My invincible lover,

They won’t know

Know, how you loved

If only for a moment.

Or that you clung to me,

A babe to his mother

As you measured

Like a surgeon skilled

Carefully marking your cut


Jack, don’t you worry

We’ll fool them together.

You and I

They’ll never know

Years from now

My mystery man,

Never learn your name.

And your secret,

It dies with me.


Jack my love,

It’s over.

And I do believe

You were fair

Righteous to the very end

For it was surely I

Who sinned.


18 thoughts on “Jack

  1. Jerry Berry, lol:) do lets hire nibby.

    Fallen, -_- now how DID you know?

    Jack, 🙂 is your last name Ripper?

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