Paper Boats











Remember when,

You made

Paper boats

And named them

After me?

Black & white

Like the world

We knew.


The newspaper print

It stained

Our fingers grey.

Yours from folding

And mine

From holding yours.


35 thoughts on “Paper Boats

  1. awwwws
    yoo makes Fuzzay’s heart melt
    Fuzzay never named his paper boats
    but Fuzzay would make boats out of leaves in the jungies
    now when I think Fuzzay thinks he would call the boat leafy x3

  2. Hello Delilah! I just scanned a few posts of yours and they sound really interesting, I’ll be sure to sit and read them all leisurely ASA my work’s done. =D Also I really like the color combo here as it’s very eye-friendly.. =D

    oh and about this poem.. it sounds really sweet.. I like the paper boats in the pic too.. ^__^

    1. thanks Harumi 🙂 Hope you enjoy the read. As for the color combo…you are the first person to say that. lol.

      1. Yep, will try to read AMAP today. =D

        oh really? lol well you see.. it’s the first thing I notice / observe in any blog I visit, ie. its color combo, theme, widgets, and so on before I even begin to read its content! lol *bad habit I know* hehe..

    1. Jerry Berry, yeah i know. i shoulda stolen disco barbie’s theme and thrown in some sparkles for good measure, like SOME ppl 😛

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