Unawatuna Randoms


DSCN1163 - Copy


DSCN1133 - Copy


DSCN1158 - Copy


DSCN1130 - Copy




20 thoughts on “Unawatuna Randoms

  1. I really like the second one…whats up with the splotch on the first one? No. 1 and 3 are a tad oversaturated for my liking. Hmmm….perhaps I should just enjoy the pics instead of analyzing them:)

  2. SI, thanks. yup they were twin kitties and i crawled under a table to get that 🙂

    N, have no clue what the splotch is :s could be anything from a grain of sand to a smudge of butter. lol:). as for the saturation, yeah you are right. especially the 3rd. but i wanted to experiment with the hues.

  3. Azreal, thanks:)

    Thank you Berrycakes 🙂 5 is just some weird lamp post.

    Pear Lady, i sooo know what you mean 🙂

  4. Ahhhhh, Unawatuna… of prawns and crab and ice cold beer, of mid night swims and day time dreams, of walks along the beach, and snorkeling too, of times spent with lovers, friends and family…

  5. Wow.. great pics and splendid scenes! And I was wondering how come I’ve never seen such a vibrant beach before.. =D Unawatuna is a beauty indeed, as seen on TV, though sadly I’ve never been to it.

    Did you by any chance Photoshop all the 5 pics? =D Nice kittens too, I almost thought the one behind was a clone stamp of the first! hehe..

  6. LD & Middle Child, thank you 🙂

    Harumi, you should definitely go to Unawatuna. no pictures or words could ever do justice to that place. and yeah i did mess around with PS. but i took most of these pics at dawn and believe it or not by mid-day the ocean is really that vibrant a blue.

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