by Delilah


Believe you not

The worst of me yet

For your will

Was never mine

To make nor break

When you watched me

From afar

What did you see?

The ropes on my hands

Or the love in my eyes

Were you tempted?

Did you hide?

Could you have

Turned your back?

But my wise old man

You wanted it all.

So you carved with care

Your face in stone

And your heart…

Into mine.

A stalwart unbroken

But veined with cracks

Fissures of desire

For mine to seep.

Now the story’s old

Albeit untold

And the irony raw

For we both have lost.

But once in a while

When the wine flows free

You’ll be my Samson

Strongest of will

And I, Delilah

No stranger to sin.