Fuck Dengue


Today someone in my family lost his battle against Dengue.

And I’m angry, but I don’t know who or what I should direct my ire at.

The mosquitoes? People who were careless enough to breed them? Or the doctors who should have diagnosed it earlier?

I cannot even begin to comprehend how one tiny mosquito destroyed this big man.  

It affected his liver, then the pancreas and today his kidneys failed. There was so much of internal bleeding that he had to be given fifty odd pints of blood last week. Everyone around him worked so hard to keep him alive, but I know he tried the hardest.

When I last spoke to him inside the ICU, he whispered that all he wanted was to get well enough to have ice-cream.

What makes his death that much harder to accept is the fact that he fought so valiantly and he was in no way prepared to die.

But in the end he lost. And Dengue has won yet again.


23 thoughts on “Fuck Dengue

  1. My sincere condolences. How wide spread is the Dengue issue now? It seems to be making the odd headline in the local press.

    For years I tried convincing my father to invest in a fine wire mesh for all the doors and windows. The mesh would allow air in through common grills, but would keep a lot of mosquitoes out. He didn’t buy the idea.

    God knows what kind of diseases will come out of inhaling years of mosquito coil fumes. In the US most houses have a wire mesh screen on all windows and even doors. On doors it acts as a second screen door. Keeps the bugs out.

    All that is useless if you get bitten outdoors. The Wellawatte canal, and other such canals that were poorly designed, all have stagnant water. In most cases there’s rotting food and faeces floating. The municipalities and the ministers must be held accountable for this.

  2. gosh.. so sorry to hear that. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family!

    It’s really sad that the case doesn’t seem to be subsiding. The dengue death toll is rising steadily in sheer numbers. Lucky at least they have the Swine Flu under control.. otherwise can’t even imagine the outcome.

    Let’s hope n pray this crisis would end soon.

    1. truly appreciate the post. most people seem to dismiss the root of this problem. thank you for calling attention to it.

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