I look out the window and take a sip of my coffee.

City lights twinkle in the dark. Beautiful.

Another late night at work.

I love this eerie lull of after hours. When the phones stop ringing, the heels stop clacking and I’m all alone with the thoughts in my head.

Listening to one of the saddest songs I know. ‘Silver Springs’ by Fleetwood Mac. Sad because, it’s not just any song, but one about a real relationship between two members of the band itself. And the way Stevie looks at him while she performs is heartbreaking.

But tonight I’m preoccupied with my own musings. Mostly about the weekend.

Blue blue skies, ‘Lemonade’ and lying on the beach with a book.

Being repeatedly hit by waves, grainy back rubs and a sand castle washed away.

Moonlight on our skin, counting stars and a kindred soul.

Stolen moments, memories made and playing charades.

Sleepless till dawn, a walk in the rain and soaked white T-shirts.

Perfection tinged with a sense of longing in the end.

Now, when I scrape my fingers through my hair, I find some residual sand. But I don’t really mind because I know it will all get washed out after a couple more showers.

If only it were that easy to wash away these stars in my eyes.


16 thoughts on “Reflections

    1. do i? 🙂 i was. but not so much anymore. just feel empty. happens every time. everyday life seems extra mundane after a good trip.

  1. whoa.. you’ve to work that late?! Must be tough.. but glad you’re enjoying life with flashbacks .. =D Nature’s the best remedy for stress and exhaustion from work. 🙂

  2. “but not so much anymore. just feel empty. happens every time. everyday life seems extra mundane after a good trip.”

    To know what happiness is, one should have experienced sorrow, you can’t ever know how good it is to laugh unless you’ve cried, its the total experience that adds up to what your life is – in that vain, perhaps you might not appreciate just how good a trip was if there was no mundane… one can become sated by good things too

    1. i know what you mean. have you seen Vanilla Sky? i recall similar advice and i remember thinking how utterly true it was. but when it comes to real life, this hollow feeling takes a few days to disappear. i believe it also has something to do with the ppl i spend time with during a trip and missing them once its over.

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