I’d walk,

Barefoot and mute

In circles

Not seven days

But for years

I’d fall,

To my knees

And raise my voice

A cry so mighty

My throat may bleed

I’d pray,

Faith  never yielding

If only,

You said

These walls would

Come tumbling down



14 thoughts on “Jericho

  1. whats built one day or over years will n do come down in time. there is nothing that time wont take away from you, be it pain, or happiness.. 🙂 so let it come down when it should.. cues…Kanye’s.. “all falls down..” 😛

  2. “these are only walls that hold me heeeeeeere” Letters From The Sky by Civil Twilight

    not really relevant, but it came to mind
    lisssssten (:

    hmmm walls of jericho eh? :/

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