Badagini !!!

by Delilah


Situation – Mid-morning hunger pangs.

Cause – Missed breakfast (and dinner last night). Knowledge that there might be no lunch.

Cause of Cause – Gymming in the morning and rushing to a meeting leaves no time for mundane things like breakfast.

Obvious solution – Food

Preferred solution – Food that magically appears in front of self

Practical solution – Instant Noodles

Sourcing – Hunt in my drawers for a packet of Prima Kottu-Mee last seen in March.

Utensils required- Mug & Fork

Utensils in hand – None

Sourcing of utensils – Raid drawers of my darling metrosexual for all of the above. Steal funky headphones and a dollop of hand lotion while I’m at it.

Method of preparation – Crush noodles in the pack itself and empty contents in to mug. Sprinkle the flavoring on top and fill the mug halfway up with hot water. Stab it a few times with the fork and let it steep for 2 minutes.

Consumption – Eat while noodles are half-cooked & half-crunchy. Yum.

Alternative – Call these guys for a Box-O-Noodles. Sounds heavenly.