Badagini !!!


Situation – Mid-morning hunger pangs.

Cause – Missed breakfast (and dinner last night). Knowledge that there might be no lunch.

Cause of Cause – Gymming in the morning and rushing to a meeting leaves no time for mundane things like breakfast.

Obvious solution – Food

Preferred solution – Food that magically appears in front of self

Practical solution – Instant Noodles

Sourcing – Hunt in my drawers for a packet of Prima Kottu-Mee last seen in March.

Utensils required- Mug & Fork

Utensils in hand – None

Sourcing of utensils – Raid drawers of my darling metrosexual for all of the above. Steal funky headphones and a dollop of hand lotion while I’m at it.

Method of preparation – Crush noodles in the pack itself and empty contents in to mug. Sprinkle the flavoring on top and fill the mug halfway up with hot water. Stab it a few times with the fork and let it steep for 2 minutes.

Consumption – Eat while noodles are half-cooked & half-crunchy. Yum.

Alternative – Call these guys for a Box-O-Noodles. Sounds heavenly.


18 thoughts on “Badagini !!!

  1. Horrible website. Probably made by a female. Maybe YOU made it! YOU make the noodles don’t you?!

    It’s YOUR business! Advertising it here as if you just found it.


    Might as well have called it Delilah’s Noodle Shack or something 😛

    Also, you keep kottu mee in your drawers? 😀

    1. ok mister hotshot designer 😛 but FYI it aint mine. i picked it up off indi’s post.

      Delilah’s Noodle Shack does sound awesome though 😛

      and yeah i have kottu-mee in my drawer. so what? strange male.

  2. Santhoshi, tell me about it. will order sometime soon though 🙂

    LD, salad & fruits? what are you? a rabbit? a bird? 😛 one of these days we shall go out for lunch and you will eat real food missy.

  3. LOL.. you should send the story to Kottu Mee producers and they’ll make a nice commercial out of it. =D But ya, instant noodles are the best when you’re too lazy to prepare anything for yourself.

    And I’ve also heard it’s not good to have them for 3-4 days in a row, since there’s a carcinogen in any instant noodles pack to make them non-sticky.. so it’s best to have them once in a while. Or opt for genuine non-instant Chinese noodles.. lol

    1. maybe i will 😛 i dunno about the health stuff though. i always thought this resistance towards instant noodles was a tad overrated.

  4. oh, and er… careful who you steal hand lotion from when it’s males. most men don’t use it for the same purpose, not so sure about metrosexuals though 😛

  5. problem – badagini
    sourcing – call kitchen “kema laasthida?”
    today’s solution – rice, ambarella curry, parippu, pappadam, fish and yummy mushroom stir fry-ish thing
    result – 😀

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