Closing Time


Following my conversation with a close friend who disapproves of the concept of anonymous blogging, I have had to ask myself why I blog. Most people would say that a blog is a good way to vent. But like my friend pointed out, I could do the same with a journal. At the most, my blog has been a happy distraction. An outlet for expressing feelings that I couldn’t communicate in any other form. I’ve made a few good friends who will remain friends in real life. But really, this blog serves no other purpose. Over the next few days I will give it some more thought but I do believe I’m done here.


33 thoughts on “Closing Time

  1. For what it’s worth I believe a blog can serve a different purpose to a journal. Writing for others to read has always been significantly different, in terms of mood, compared to writing purely for myself.

    And happy distraction? That’s good isn’t it?

  2. Jerry, I could always read yours for happy distraction 🙂

    TKRP, true. still thinking.

    Sabz, 🙂

    RD, hmm i didnt think of it like that. but i guess writing for others to read does make a difference.

  3. Oh come on.. dont be so selfish 😛

    Love to read your writing. please continue.. i guess you could put ur very personal vent in ur offline journal.. for now could you please write for all of us?!?

  4. Yours is an interesting blog and the public blog has the advantage of feedback plus the fact that is a lot easier than working with paper.

  5. Don’t go. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzeeeeeee. Don’t know who you are or what the hell you do in real life, but i always found this rare connect with your blog. Never cared to comment so far, but finally here i am, please don’t go. But if you still wished, then may god bless you in wotever u do in life. Hugs and Prayers.

    Delilah’s Secret Admirer

  6. Lost & Chavie, 😛 lets see

    Jack, thank you. it is weird to go back to pen and paper. but maybe its better to be away from the public.

    Secret Admirer, thank you 🙂

    C, well you know i was contemplating this for a while and that conversation just did it.

  7. Personally I’ve never been able to maintain an offline journal. It just doesn’t have the same ‘feel’ as a blog. I’ve tried keeping journals many times, and always failed…my blog on the other hand has been going for 3 1/2 years now. And I don’t see any sign of boredom yet.

    It’s a hobby…there doesn’t need to be a purpose. If it gives you joy, and it’s not hurting anyone else, then there’s no harm.

  8. ah stick around.. dont let it grow on you.. its just a blog 🙂 think of it this way, if you cant say what you think to the general public, it may mean in a way that you’re slightly embarrased of ur thoughts. thats never a good thing. so fling it out there!

  9. Journal’s don’t talk back.
    Journal’s don’t leave comments.
    Journal’s don’t have feelings.
    Journal’s don’t gain anything but ink.
    Journal’s have no soul!
    Blogger’s do.

    Stay, please?

  10. Why! 😐
    Yours and Gypsy’s are the only two funkay creative-writing blogs that I can even be arsed to read on a regular basis.
    So like, stop being silly and just wait, woman. 😛

  11. please dont leave. ur last blog entry (There Will Be Blood On Their Hands) is the best analysis of the situation.i read all the articles relating to kavindi nangi’s death in all the sinhala and english newspapers.some of them were from leading psychiatrists.but ur one is the BEST .so hold on for all of us who dont leave comments on ur blog regularly.but we r Delilah’s Secret Admirers.

  12. hey all, thank you 🙂 still havent decided what i’m going to do with the blog so am not sure what to say at this point. but i’m considering every little thing you guys have said. i really am.

  13. Hi Delilah, sorry this comment is coming a little late. Hope you haven’t already made your decision. I always liked your blog because I kind of found it a mirror to my own. I felt a strange sense of recognition when I read through your writing; somehow your turn of phrase was familiar, like an old friend I never knew I had. Blogs are public documents of your life, your thoughts, your moods. And the blogger community’s response to all those things makes it even more fascinating to look back on and read later. I think, if you start writing a journal, you will find it a very different experience. I have been keeping journals since I was 11 years old and I still continue to do so, although not as often. I think it’s possible to do both – and I think you should. Don’t give up this blog. It’s, quite simply, too good.

    Cheers 🙂

  14. Re: closing of blog PRO:1 CON:24 Undecided:1 that undecided should now realise what the winning side is and do the Sri Lankan thing by coming over here.

    See all the good things youve done to people? if you had good things from the blog why not let it stay for more good things in the future? Its not like you had a lack of readership, look @ the responses 🙂 Yes you can always … *shudder* … journal…, but its lifeless, it wont talk back to u, this little big blog has a life of its own, tell you things you’d never think of, and it doesnt deserve to die for no fault of its own… 😥

    besides WE’D MISS YOU!!!! 😛

  15. I have been out of blogging for sometime due to personal commitments and have not been reading kottu that very much, just saw this and Fallens song.. I think you should stay, surely you are the best judge of your situation but I do hope you will stay for the sake of all those who read your blog and for the sake of the independent will and right to express ourselves, anonymously or otherwise…hope you stay 🙂

  16. To put it mildly, I’ve enjoyed your blog.

    Coming from a blog of your stature, I see this decision as actually very brave. It takes guts to let go, especially once you’ve created a interdependent alter-ego out of it. If you’re capable of this kind of detachment in real life, the whole universe is yours.

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