Left-Handed Apology


Were my exception

Or so I thought

But now I see

You were always the rule

And you know

I’m not good with those

So forgive me

But I must

And I will

Break you.


21 thoughts on “Left-Handed Apology

    1. i know right. i saw it sometime ago and some of it made me cringe. isnt it weird though how you sometimes think someone is ‘the one’.. the exception to every man and then you look closer and realise they are not so but they simply belong to the rule. and you are left with no option but to pull away and break their heart.

  1. something happened last night and all i could think about was this poem. I had to read it as soon as i woke up. its strange how it seems to speak of everything, right down to a T.

    1. T, wow. glad you could relate. i know that feeling of wanting to read something that makes sense of what you are going through. so anyways good luck 🙂

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