Yala or Salon?

So I haven’t been home 4 weekends in a row and my backpack is half packed at all times because it’s too much trouble to unpack and do it all over again.

Come Thursday I have the option of taking off to Udawalawe and Yala for 3 days, with two guys. The plan is to leave at midnight on Thursday which sounds rather exciting and all that. But here’s the thing, I’m terrified of elephants. Like pee in my pants kind of terrified. Still I’m tempted to go for the rest of the adventure.

On the other hand if I stay home I will be able to do something about my hair which is threatening to put the 80’s to shame, maybe get a French manicure and a massage while I’m at it. At night I could hang out with my girls and a bottle of wine.

Decisions, decisions I tell ya!


22 thoughts on “Yala or Salon?

  1. Go to Yala. Take extra underwear. And when the elephants start to chase you, run underneath a few bushes – the need for a haircut would be gone and when you’re safe from the elephants, change underwear.

  2. take the girls and the wine to yala and go to the salon on monday after work?

    who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? 🙂

  3. You’ve been tripping four weeks in a row? The last time I did that I fell sick after returning and so did a couple of others.

    Too many holidays is also a strain.

  4. Chavs, lets see 🙂

    Lost, thank you 🙂 have to admit its the more attractive option right now.

    Jack, yup. i remember your post on that. and yeah i’m starting to feel like i need a holiday to recover from holidays.

  5. Pamperrrr!!! 😀 Unless you know for sure that you can do the pampering the following weekend.

    And don’t worry about the elephants! They’re quite adorable as long as you show respect 🙂

  6. oooh tough choice. i might go for the yala option though. as for hair, generally i tend to turn to headbands, ponytails, and french knots, until i get the time to turn to a professional to make it behave. 😀

  7. PR, pampering is sounding betterer and betterer 😛

    WEBM, i knooow. the thing is my hair is now way too long for any of those quick fixes. the tangled mass is now almost down to my waist 😦

    LD, i know you loved it. hmmmm. lets see.

  8. On another day I would have said Yala, but…. this wkend pamperrr!

    I can always drag u kicking and screaming to Yala again and the boys will only oblige *grins evilly* 😛

  9. how often is this opportunity gonna spring up?
    the salon isn’t running away from you, neither is that bottle of wine
    take the wine to Yala, and er.. pray that the elephants don’t decide to chase you

  10. C, i refuse to be dragged!!! but yeah lets go pink this weekend 🙂

    T, i agree. so i might take a ‘raincheck’ on Yala 😛

    Fallen, well opportunity does come pretty often because my bro practically lives in Yala 😛

  11. Let me add my two cents if it was me I would pick the wild anytime over wild hair. And a midnight drive is fantastic if you are heading to Yala first through the Galle Road… after Matara driving by the sea in the middle of the night is amazing..

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