Yala or Salon?

by Delilah

So I haven’t been home 4 weekends in a row and my backpack is half packed at all times because it’s too much trouble to unpack and do it all over again.

Come Thursday I have the option of taking off to Udawalawe and Yala for 3 days, with two guys. The plan is to leave at midnight on Thursday which sounds rather exciting and all that. But here’s the thing, I’m terrified of elephants. Like pee in my pants kind of terrified. Still I’m tempted to go for the rest of the adventure.

On the other hand if I stay home I will be able to do something about my hair which is threatening to put the 80’s to shame, maybe get a French manicure and a massage while I’m at it. At night I could hang out with my girls and a bottle of wine.

Decisions, decisions I tell ya!