A Planner’s Plan

I’m a planner by nature. I like strategizing, I like routine and I really like lists.

But if you are thinking Monica Geller, stop right now because I could mess up a given space faster than Jerry any sloppy teenaged boy. My room often resembles a post hurricane zone. Surprisingly, most people mistake this for being disorganized but I assure you, I know exactly where everything is. The systems are all up here in my head. What may look like a giant pile of clothes on the floor to others is actually a carefully classified selection of garments to me. So I’m sorry if you tripped on it but I sure hope you didn’t disrupt my arrangement.

Anyway, every morning I make a ‘To Do’ list. Sometimes it’s in my head, sometimes on a post-it and sometimes it’s on the back of my colleague’s meticulously typed project report. Lately these lists have been getting longer and my temper, shorter. So with aim to alleviate the trauma caused by work related stress I decided to make a list of things to do before this year is through. Down below is a draft and I’ll probably keep adding to it until I reach 20.

Suggestions and tips are most welcome.

  1. Take a train somewhere (yeah I have never been on a train in SL)
  2. Visit the Museum
  3. And the Planetarium
  4. Paint something – a wall, window or canvas
  5. Bake cookies for other people
  6. Meet new people (stole this one from Sabby)
  7. Meet 3 old friends I have been ignoring
  8. Watch at least 3 classic movies, y’know the boring but good substance ones (suggestions?)
  9. Read at least one good classic. Contemplating Dostoyevsky or something by Gogol since I do like Russian literature.
  10. Organize or contribute to a charity project
  11. Redecorate my room
  12. Go on a second hand book shopping spree
  13. Do something I hate – try eating fish and not give up after one bite
  14. Make a Lemon Freeze
  15. Explore a different genre of music, maybe Salsa, Ska or Tango (suggestions? )
  16. Take the bus on weekends
  17. Watch a few Hindi movies (any recommendations?)
  18. Aerobics – Jazz or regular

So there. It’s not much but just a few things i want to do and have been putting off.


35 thoughts on “A Planner’s Plan

  1. Come along with the sinhalayas and you’ll tick off a whole bunch of those! Yes, even the russian lit thing. Not a train journey passes without a Turgenev or a Leskov is read and contemplated over 😀

      1. you haven’t LIVED until you claw at margarine and eat mackerel with bare hands, oh and drink the juice… mmm.
        though I’m the only one who did that 😛

  2. I highly support no.5, especially if you’re planning on heading in my direction with said cookies, and as for no. 10 i have a damn good suggestion: it’s called ‘T’s fancy camera fund’, all donation welcome.

  3. C, hmmm i could. and 13 yeah i am on my own.

    Chavs, i HATE fish. just the thought makes me want to puke. also, unfortunately i have seen all of those movies. i was thinking older stuff though. maybe like the guns of navarone era.

    T, its going to be a tough call between ‘delilah’s fancy camera fund’ and yours 🙂

  4. Trains are fun and a lot smoother than buses. Probably safer too. Was told that the observation car ride to Badulla is spectacular (the Kandy-Badulla run). Was told you need to book the observation care at least two weeks in advance, safest bet is to do it through a travel agent who books it for foreign tourists rather than go through the hassle of dealing with the railway.

    For further info see:



    You can stay at the Ella Resthouse:


    Last visited the Museum about 15 years ago, fairly reasonable collection but poorly displayed and with only limited info. Was told HSBC had done up one gallery which was quite good. Planetarium was also good, when I last saw it, ages and ages ago.

    8. Dr Zhivago – if only for the cinematography but you need to see it widescreen.

    16. Is this music or dance? Why not sample some classical? The Carmen overture and Toreador’s song perhaps? Mozart is also good for soothing the soul.

    You could also try the following

    Sample a Hindi film or two

    Take a bus when visiting a friend on a Saturday or Sunday

    Fly a kite at Galle Face

    An early morning cycling tour of parts of the city – 6am is a good time to start

    If you are into running, join the Hash House Harriers (Or Harriet’s if you prefer ) on one of their runs

    Try out at the archery club

    Slope off from work early and have tea at the Galle Face on a Friday afternoon (good value for money), 750 or so starts at about 3 or 3.30pm

    Follow the photography course at the Lionel Wendt and be the envy of many other bloggers….

    Visit the archives at Lake House and the National Archives (I’m told its absolutely fascinating) and ideal for a bibliophile like yourself.

    A walk on the Mount Lavinia beach under the stars (the private beach of the hotel)

    1. Jack, wow. you never cease to inspire.

      Lets see…

      Train ride – i will either book the observation car or hop on a random train and try it the smelly way:)

      Dr.Zhivago is an all time favorite including the book of which i own a really old edition 🙂

      Music – will check those out. and yeah i do quite like Mozart.

      Hindi film, bus ride, kite are being added to the list.

      Cycling – heres a confession, i never learnt to ride a bicycle properly 😛

      Harriers – i did actually think about joining a walk. do i need a member to introduce me?

      Archery??? where??? i wanted to learn to shoot. i was going to check out the negombo rifle club next year.

      High tea at GFH – i did that last week and it was lovely 🙂

      Photography – once i get rich enough to buy a fancy camera

      National Archives and Lake House – did both places in august. did you know that they are growing Wambotu (egg plant) all over the beautiful grounds of the NatArchives dept? 😛

      Mt Beach under the stars – i’m afraid i do that a little too often for my own good 🙂

  5. 1,9 and 16 will be good. Sholokhov and Pushkin are my personal favorites whilst you really cant go wrong with SKA ( Have a fair collection of that). Afro Portuguese drum beats are nice too if you want to try something exotic 🙂

      1. Desmond Dekker, Skatalities,Melodians and etc.Tracks too many to mention 🙂 If you do like any of that ,I’ll be quite happy to share…..

      2. thanks 🙂 i have actually heard stuff by the Skatalites. will be in touch if i need more. thanks again.

    1. will check out the movie. as for diving… nah not too comfortable in water. can swim to save my life but thats about it 🙂 although early this year i accompanied some friends on a deep sea diving trip to just watch.

      1. hehe…u reallly don’t need to be able to swim too well…I’m pretty crap at it and dive…trust me, try an explorer dive:)

  6. as for the train, you could come along with us, which would help you accomplish the meet new people thing too 😛
    OR you could just take the train to Badulla, on observation
    I think I’ve told you about it before
    it’s safe, and the scenery is beautiful
    and you HAVE to footboard, but be careful, don’t do it wearing heels 😛

    and as for your room being messy
    it’s pretty much the same with me
    I know where everything is
    and when someone tries to “arrange” it, I can’t find jack!!

  7. Just check out these website:



    On the train, I’m told the observation car has a glass top so you can see better. There is season for doing the journey, basically after the rainy season so December would be the best time (in the rainy season the mist is heavy and its difficult to see).

    Of the Hindi films, my favourites were Metro (or Life in a Metro), Dhoom 2 and Fashion. Chandi Chowk to China was not bad.

    Have fun:)

  8. try gone with the wind and to save a mocking bird. and guess who’s coming to dinner. great movies, though gwtw is a bit on the longish side.

    hindi, try my brother nikhil or omkara if you’re looking for something serious. or mr and mrs iyer. if it’s something light, try pyaar ke side effects.

    you can do 5 and 10 together. i’ll give you my address 🙂

  9. oooh. I’ll join you for 4 and 12. i’ve been trying to coax someone to go second book shopping with me for aages now.

    um, stuff just off the top of my head. (these are what i’ve wanted to do, dunno if they’re your type though. :P)

    go for horse riding lessons. (dont ask)
    start jazz aerobics
    learn a new language, just for kicks
    learn to cook.

  10. Pissu, GTWTW is a good suggestion. loved the book and never saw the movie. thanks. and charity huh?

    GF, yeah do lets go. horse riding? um no. jazz aerobics, yeah lets. i’m gonna buy an aerobics DVD! language? not in 2 months. LEARN to cook???? i can cook and so can you!

    Wijitha, lol 😀 really now? but i’ve seen and own Casablanca.

  11. you have to see “Twelve Angry Men”… you just HAVE to.. forget all the other comments here if u must, but if u wanna see a great classic you HAVE to see that..

    and… wait a minute… JAZZ AEROBICS?! [dies of laughter]

    ok ok seriously tho.. check that movie out 😀

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