A Planner’s Plan

by Delilah

I’m a planner by nature. I like strategizing, I like routine and I really like lists.

But if you are thinking Monica Geller, stop right now because I could mess up a given space faster than Jerry any sloppy teenaged boy. My room often resembles a post hurricane zone. Surprisingly, most people mistake this for being disorganized but I assure you, I know exactly where everything is. The systems are all up here in my head. What may look like a giant pile of clothes on the floor to others is actually a carefully classified selection of garments to me. So I’m sorry if you tripped on it but I sure hope you didn’t disrupt my arrangement.

Anyway, every morning I make a ‘To Do’ list. Sometimes it’s in my head, sometimes on a post-it and sometimes it’s on the back of my colleague’s meticulously typed project report. Lately these lists have been getting longer and my temper, shorter. So with aim to alleviate the trauma caused by work related stress I decided to make a list of things to do before this year is through. Down below is a draft and I’ll probably keep adding to it until I reach 20.

Suggestions and tips are most welcome.

  1. Take a train somewhere (yeah I have never been on a train in SL)
  2. Visit the Museum
  3. And the Planetarium
  4. Paint something – a wall, window or canvas
  5. Bake cookies for other people
  6. Meet new people (stole this one from Sabby)
  7. Meet 3 old friends I have been ignoring
  8. Watch at least 3 classic movies, y’know the boring but good substance ones (suggestions?)
  9. Read at least one good classic. Contemplating Dostoyevsky or something by Gogol since I do like Russian literature.
  10. Organize or contribute to a charity project
  11. Redecorate my room
  12. Go on a second hand book shopping spree
  13. Do something I hate – try eating fish and not give up after one bite
  14. Make a Lemon Freeze
  15. Explore a different genre of music, maybe Salsa, Ska or Tango (suggestions? )
  16. Take the bus on weekends
  17. Watch a few Hindi movies (any recommendations?)
  18. Aerobics – Jazz or regular

So there. It’s not much but just a few things i want to do and have been putting off.