Lately I’ve been too busy living life to write much about it.

I’ve been redecorating my room and loving the new curtain material.


Eating way too much junk food


Listening to all kinds of music. The cd was an unexpected gift from a rather extraordinary blogger. One I’ve never met because he lives far far away. It contains Tibetan music that is positively haunting. Thank you.


Trying out strange recipes that pop in to my head

Chicken and cashew stir-fried in a soy-honey glaze. Was quite good actually.


Spicy egg boats made for a friend’s b’day. They were just so pretty.


And having high tea at low places.


Will actually write something laterish.


22 thoughts on “So.

  1. Pizza isn’t junk food okay 😛
    homemade pizza futeweh!

    you should try a pizza sandwich
    basically two erm… whatever you call pizza before you add the topping
    make that, then chop up the veges and prepare the meat, mushrooms etc.
    now comes the fun part!
    chhhhhhheeeeeeeesy bechamel
    make bechamel, with equal quantities of flour and butter, in a pan
    then take a lil onion, stud it with a clove, and put it into the bechamel
    kinda mash it about, so that the flavour seeps out
    when it comes to a boil turn the heat down at let it simmer
    while it simmers take some cheese and grate it into the hot bechamel
    stir it until it melts, make it as cheesy as you want
    then take the two pizzas and layer the veges, chicken, peppers and mushrooms onto one. take out the onion and pour the cheesy bechamel onto the pizza, add more chicken if you want, and put the other pizza on top.

    Pizza sandwich (:

    and who’s this blogger sending you cd’s and all, ah? 😉

  2. Its not very nice to watch pizza, chicken n roasted cashew at 3 in the morning making you even more hungry!!! and b’fast isnt until in another 5hrs!!!!

    Tibetan music..?!!? is it like one bang.. and then the echo…goes on for eons?!?!

  3. Unsilent, Lost & Sabz, awww apologies and thank you 🙂

    Dee, oooh nice. now i’m waiting for the charm to make rich 😛

    Berry, tsk tsk tsk

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