Aney Manda Sarath…

Your recent actions remind me of an article published in a Reader’s Digest back in ’93  titled ” Why smart people do dumb things”

It was about how people who have achieved great things make one stupid mistake that cancels out all the rest.

I use the term ‘great things’ rather loosely, because I believe the greatness of an achievement is to a large extent defined by the means through which it was come by. And I think we can all agree that yours were questionable.

So while I might be expected to choose the lesser of two evils, the choice aside, thats still a LOT of evil we are talking about.

Also, forgive me but whining isnt the most attractive quality in a man who claims to be a fearless warrior.


16 thoughts on “Aney Manda Sarath…

  1. can you elaborate on what you mean by “evil”
    or is that too much to ask from your capabilities?

    don’t you find it rather dishonest when some ppl take cover behind empty generalities?

    sorry if this comment is a repeat .(something crashed firefox before confirmation of posting)

  2. I don’t think he’s jumping into the ring, because he enjoys it. He’s been pushed into it, by a lot of people who believe that MR is not the solution, and probably the last and only chance to over throw him.

  3. I agree with you about the manner in which he is voicing his opinion. Whining certainly doesn’t become a future presidential candidate.

    However, I do believe that Sri Lanka needs a change in government right now. The serious bungling of the economy, the health services and the education levels shows the present administration have no idea about how to run a country.

    Give them their dues on winning the war, but let’s not let them ruin this country due to misplaced gratitude.

  4. For some strange reason this reminds me of Doctor Evil and Mini me… both are equally bad. It was hilarious to hear his comments about media freedom when we know very well that their are fingers pointing at him regarding media suppression. Guess we are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the choice of a president.

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