He Said She Said

by Delilah

This morning I bumped into an old friend. And with him a whole string of memories. But most of all I keep remembering fragments of our conversations.


He: You look just like a kitten. I’d expect you to start purring any moment now

She: Go away

He: Now now, stop hissing


He: How about a walk in the rain?

She: only if you buy me plain tea from Raheemas

He: Only if you tell me one of your nonsensical stories

She: Mata baaaa


He: (at the waiter) Boss, can we have it in a purple tea cup?

She: You know me too well

He: I know too well the consequences if you don’t get your silly tea cup


 She: How far can we walk?

He: As far as you want

She: What if your father sees?

He: He won’t mind, he likes you

She: But I don’t like him

He: Not many people do

She: I’m not scared of him though

He: Of course not brave little girl


He: Come study with me

She: Cant

He: Why?

She: I want to fail

He: You won’t. Not if I can help it.


She: I’m going to skip the next class. Cover for me if I get into trouble?

He: No I wont. Stay.

She: I’ll give you biscuit pudding

He: Ok done.


She: I’ll be so bored during the holidays

He: You’ll just miss the plain tea

She: True.

He: Dont worry. I’ll give you lots of books to read


He: You have really nice hair

She: I’m going to chop it all off

He: Don’t!

She: Wait and see, next semester I’ll be bald

He: But I’m sure you’ll still be pretty


He: My mother would just love you

She: So can I come visit you then?

He: When?

She: Next time you go back home can I come with you?

He: Come. But I go by bus.

She: Oh.


She: I don’t think the librarian likes me

He: She might if you stop talking so much


Today, 8 years later.

He: Oh my god…

(Awkward pause. He leans over to kiss and decides against it)

She: Hi. So…congratulations.

(Small talk. Blah blah blah…)

He: It was good to see you

She: And you.


Funny and rather sad how you lose touch with people who were so much a part of you and what you have ultimately become.