He Said She Said

This morning I bumped into an old friend. And with him a whole string of memories. But most of all I keep remembering fragments of our conversations.


He: You look just like a kitten. I’d expect you to start purring any moment now

She: Go away

He: Now now, stop hissing


He: How about a walk in the rain?

She: only if you buy me plain tea from Raheemas

He: Only if you tell me one of your nonsensical stories

She: Mata baaaa


He: (at the waiter) Boss, can we have it in a purple tea cup?

She: You know me too well

He: I know too well the consequences if you don’t get your silly tea cup


 She: How far can we walk?

He: As far as you want

She: What if your father sees?

He: He won’t mind, he likes you

She: But I don’t like him

He: Not many people do

She: I’m not scared of him though

He: Of course not brave little girl


He: Come study with me

She: Cant

He: Why?

She: I want to fail

He: You won’t. Not if I can help it.


She: I’m going to skip the next class. Cover for me if I get into trouble?

He: No I wont. Stay.

She: I’ll give you biscuit pudding

He: Ok done.


She: I’ll be so bored during the holidays

He: You’ll just miss the plain tea

She: True.

He: Dont worry. I’ll give you lots of books to read


He: You have really nice hair

She: I’m going to chop it all off

He: Don’t!

She: Wait and see, next semester I’ll be bald

He: But I’m sure you’ll still be pretty


He: My mother would just love you

She: So can I come visit you then?

He: When?

She: Next time you go back home can I come with you?

He: Come. But I go by bus.

She: Oh.


She: I don’t think the librarian likes me

He: She might if you stop talking so much


Today, 8 years later.

He: Oh my god…

(Awkward pause. He leans over to kiss and decides against it)

She: Hi. So…congratulations.

(Small talk. Blah blah blah…)

He: It was good to see you

She: And you.


Funny and rather sad how you lose touch with people who were so much a part of you and what you have ultimately become.


43 thoughts on “He Said She Said

  1. It happens and its inevitable.
    People, no matter how close you are now, only hang around for so long before they eventually drift away, whether you do something about it or not.
    It’s only when you look back that you realize how much you have drifted.
    Bittersweet, isn’t it?
    Lovely post, so true 🙂

  2. “She: I’m going to skip the next class. Cover for me if I get into trouble?

    He: No I wont. Stay.

    She: I’ll give you biscuit pudding

    He: Ok done.” – nice one! 😀

    It made me wonder what me and my friends will be like in a couple of years… hmmm 😕

  3. That made me saaaaaad…..the romantic that I am….you made me have a wired feeling in my heart…a longing feeling and a wish that it ended different. Sigh…he sounds sooooooo nice

    1. Sue, aw 🙂 but y’know we never even went out. he was a senior who made it his business to look after me. and we were so so close. i think we both liked each other. but life just got in the way. and yeah, he was an amazing person.

  4. There’s some saying or the other right that people come into your life at a certain time for a reason? I’ve lost and am losing friends I never thought I would, but then at the same time there are a few who I know will always be friends. Just the way the game plays I guess.

    1. yeah. you just cant hold on to some people. but i guess what matters is the impact they make while they are in your life.

  5. Not only am I not a fan of chick flicks, but the amount of chick flicks I have watched are not more than a few, and I watched them more as a result of being coerced than anything else 😉

    Anyway, I remember watching ‘The Break up’ – your last part reminded me of the last part of that movie where the one time couple (in the movie) Vince Vaughn and J Aniston meet each other and behave as if there was no history between them even though they both acknowledge to themselves within the fact that they have a big history. Interesting post.

  6. thanks 🙂 i remember the part in the movie you are referring to. but seriously i never dated this guy. i know i really liked him. i guess he did too. but we never acknowledged it even back then.

  7. reading this made me feel so sad…but it happens so often …you get extremely close to people who at that time you think you will be close to forever, but then circumstances draw you apart and things are never the same again…:(

  8. ah nostalgia. Its bitingly unbearable yet it still drifts off after a while and you are confronted with insight into what life is all about..

    ok i don’t know where THAT came from. But i connected with your post. Nice one 🙂

  9. I think everyone goes through this, and as Sabby said its eventual whether you do something about it or not. Everyone walks in a circle, sometimes our circles cross paths, and then we drift further as we move away from each others circles.

    I had this concept for a short film (I plan to make it one day) where everyone is connected by invisible threads. Each time the person tries to get close to another, he drifts further from someone else. He tries to balance everyone, reach a perfect equilibrium but he cant. Some threads break along the way and some are made.

    The main theme is about coming to terms that nothing is forever, we all evlolve. Even if you stay static, the others won’t and they might leave you someday. That’s just the way of life.

    I love your post, as always.. and sorry for the long comment. It’s 4.14am and I just woke up from a long cough syrup induced sleep :/

    1. Unsilent, thanks:) and wow i love the concept. invisible threads stretching and breaking is exactly what it is. sounds like there is some buddhist philosophy in there too. so please do make the film. and get better soon.hug.

  10. Scary! and it’s more scary coz it’s happening between me and this other person. But I can’t help it.. it’s best we stay away for some time :S Aiyooo it’s sad.. don’t want it to come to thissss 😦

    1. dont be scared 🙂 your situation may not necessarily turn out this way. after all this guy and i were only friends in college for a short while and then we lost touch after graduating. it’s also a choice you make. so if this person means more to you, you can always choose to get back in touch after taking some time off

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