Galle & Hikka




44 thoughts on “Galle & Hikka

  1. Black Rose & Cadence, thank you 🙂

    Wijitha, aww i’m sorry and thanks.

    afoxhound, thanks. believe it or not the display on my camera went blank and these were blindly clicked at 🙂

    1. Sigma, well, you go to timbuktu and i go to hikka:) i’d say thats fair enough.
      the stairs are somewhere in the galle fort near the maritime museum.

      as for the issas, they are actually grilled prawns in garlic sauce (*gloat) and the place is a nice little chill-out joint called Harmony in hikka.

  2. totally loving the sunset pic

    and i have a pic of the roti kade menu as well.. note how they replaced the spelling errors with more errors 😀 but go to the other roti shop opposite that, better food and service

  3. Chavs & N, thanks 🙂 like i said before i was lucky they came out ok. because i just blindly clicked with no display on the camera.

    Unsilent, thanks and yeah so cute 🙂 i agree the shop opposite is waaaay better. the one you step down into ya? have you seen their massive dog btw? but the problem is they are not open during daytime. the one above (Akka’s kade) is open all day.

    1. Yeah that’s the shop. And the dog, yes he’s huge. Must be from all the chicken roti :). Akka’s kade is open all day and she is really friendly also, but we got fed up when we had to wait a long time for the food and when it came the portion was small too. 😦

      Plus the other shop has Choc banana and honey roti, which is so awesome. 🙂

  4. Amazing photos. I was in Matara last week..we could have met 😉 Took some pics of sunsets too. but sadly mine are not eben close to the way you have captured them

    1. but i didnt really experience the fest. stayed for only the very first session and then ran away to hikka and bummed around on the beach 🙂

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