Is it strange that I should find peace of all places at work and of all days on a weekend?

But I do and I’m a very happy bunny.

Curled up in my chair with a huge mug of coffee, listening to David Gray.

Its late, the room is cold and dark and the few others who are working tonight are equally busy but we call out to each other in easy banter from time to time. 

It’s on days like these that I love my job more than ever. I like that feeling of being consumed by something bigger than my own life. Maybe it’s a sense of responsibility that drives this process. Or maybe I just like what I do. Either way its comforting to be so completely absorbed by something.

This doesnt really qualify as a post but I just felt like writing since I havent in a long time. And probably wont be for a while.

Have a good weekend people.


5 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Yes, it makes you happy. But dont stretch yourself too much. you dont smile enough these days. and we need the crazy delilah back 🙂

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