Pictures From Yala

Sunrise with strange beams.

I always thought Yala was just dry and brown. No one said I would find the most vibrant blues and greens.

The leopard sighting early morning. And the cub late evening. Others with big posh cameras took better pics. But this is all that my little camera could capture.

That is how I like my elephants. Far far away.


And we ate. Like pigs.

They couldnt keep me away from the fire.

Notice the weird phoenix shape in the flames?


19 thoughts on “Pictures From Yala

  1. Nice, wonder what caused the strange “rays” in the first pic, is it the cloud that is breaking the suns rays like that?

  2. Azreal & Dee, thank you 🙂 crappy pictures for a wildlife trip really. i need a new camera. sigh.

    Adam, the food was what they served at the place we stayed at – Panthera Lodge.

  3. Nice! Beams going up into the sky…unusual to say the least. For dryness you need to visit in September/October…tis as dry as a bone!

    1. yeah it was good 🙂 and that guy Liyanage is so damn neat. it was the most organized bbq i have ever seen.

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