Reader’s Block?

by Delilah

So, it’s been a while.

Been working late nights and weekends for so long I have now lost track of what day it is. Last night I left work past midnight and this morning I’m the first person here. Brain is fried, eyes permanently sore and when I finally stumble home at night the thought of looking at another screen makes me want to vomit. Hence the absence from blogging.

This new found aversion to the computer naturally makes me want to read instead. But I find myself woefully out of new books and uninterested in books I already own. Currently reading The Time Traveler’s Wife. And it’s just a little blah. I could go out and buy some but I don’t want just any book. Right now I’m too stressed to tackle a slow heavy read. Neither do I want a flimsy one. I want something fast paced yet with substance.

See the thing is, I don’t have the time to explore and appreciate new books. So what I really need is for someone to recommend a good read. Or maybe I should just Google it.

Oh and by the way, hurricane ‘Bandu’? Seriously?