Coconut Crusted Prawns & Egg Fried Rice

by Delilah

Lately I’ve been so busy at work there has barely been time for anything else. But I seem to have found strange solace in cooking. In the last week I’ve been experimenting with things like thai red curry chicken, virgin beef stroganoff and Nigella’s gooey chocolate pudding. I say ‘experimenting’ because I almost always modify recipes to suit me.

Last night I came home half dead but determined to mess around in the kitchen. In my freezer though, all I found was a bag of prawns and some frozen veggies.

Now my brother often raves about this fried coconut shrimp they serve at SSC I think, but I’ve never tried it although it does sound good. So I finally decided to make it myself.

Really quite simple. All that I needed for the prawns were…

  • A bag of medium sized prawns (probably about 15 of em) – peeled and deveined. But leave the tail on.
  • Some regular flour – well seasoned with salt and just a pinch of turmeric powder (for better color). Since I like my food really hot I added a liberal dash of chillie powder as well.

  • 2 Eggs – well beaten. Some might just use the whites for more frothiness. But I like the fuller taste that comes with using the yolk.
  • About 1 cup of grated coconut.

  • If you are frying you will need oil. But half way through prepping I decided to bake the prawns instead of frying them. So I only needed some margarine to grease the baking dish. Just figured it might be better to have them baked crisp instead of having to drain excess oil etc.


So here’s how..

Tossed prawns in the seasoned flour coating both sides well

Then in the beaten egg

Coated well with coconut shreds

I dabbed each prawn with a minuscule smear of butter just to help the browning. You could even brush them with some of the remaining egg.

Finally just placed them all in a well greased baking dish and popped in the oven (I pre-heated the oven on mark 5 for about 10 minutes). Also in hindsight I could have toasted the coconut on a pan for a crunchier crust. But this way I retained more of the sweet coconutty taste. 

After about 15 minutes they came out looking all golden and crispy like this.


Then for the dip, I wanted something sweet but with punch. Ideally an orange sauce I thought. But I was out of fresh oranges and didnt really fancy artificial stuff. While rummaging through the fridge I spotted a bottle of honey and in an instant decided to make a soy-honey dip.

Just took this much of honey

And added soy sauce to till it turned this color (like plain tea). The salty tang of soy sauce combined with sticky sweet honey is a surprisingly layered burst of taste.


While the prawns were baking I started on the egg fried rice. Now this is my specialty. People have sworn to be my slave for a taste of this. I’ve been making it for years and it’s very very good even if I say so myself.

For this I needed…

  • 1 cup of frozen vegetables (diced carrots, peas & sweet corn)
  • 3 cups of cooked Basmathi rice (which I put in the rice cooker earlier on around the time I started on the prawns)
  • 1 Tbsp oil
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1/2 Tsp Ajinomoto (a.k.a MSG. and yes, I will die very soon)
  • Leftover egg from dipping the prawns + 1 more egg
  • Garlic & ginger


And here’s how

Blanched the frozen veggies.

Heated up the oil in a large wok and first fried the garlic and ginger. As it browned I added the eggs and cooked on very low heat.

Threw in the vegetables and mixed it up

When the eggs were half cooked but half wet, I chucked in the rice to which I added salt and Ajinomoto. And that was it. No other sauces or seasoning. Just nice and white eggy fried rice.


Served the rice and prawns onto a plate and poured the soy-honey dip into a shot glass for easy dipping. And there I had a perfect meal in less than one hour.