Bite me. No really.


Crazy aint it baby

How in July it rains

And how we don’t speak

Not a moment alone.

My blues have now faded

Into blank white space

And people I hear

They say that you’ve changed.

There’s a bite in your bark

Chips worth a log

Your silence too loud

And the charm it runs thin.

So here I am

Cut me if you need

And I’ll bleed every night

If that helps you sleep.

Be what you will

Guilty as charged

But of you, I wouldn’t

Think less if you asked.


20 thoughts on “Bite me. No really.

  1. 🙂 thank you all. had given up on this kind of writing for a while now. wasnt even sure if i should put this up.

      1. Oh that’s Britney is it? Have heard the song, could not remember who it was by. That might reflect the power of marketing eh? Things stick in recesses of the mind, unknown to its owner and then hopefully influence certain behaviour.

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