Middle Finger Art

Note that I use the term ‘art’ very loosely here.

Insomnia really does drive you to do the strangest of things. Last night I was sleepless for hours and after many many games of Pacman I discovered paint. And instead of doodling dirty cartoons to send to friends I actually experimented with colors and this is what came out. As much as they reek of amateur, I kinda like em. All of them were done with just my middle finger (hence the title) but maybe I could do better with the use of a mouse?

Painted Sunset


Night Sky
Sunrise Over Treetops


26 thoughts on “Middle Finger Art

    1. Actually they didnt take so much time to do. Sunset and Night Sky took about 10 mins each and the Sunrise took less than 5.

  1. Wooow i think they look really nice though when i saw your title for a moment I was thinking it was about the fine art of showing the finger to someone… oh well guess it just proves that my mind is a sewer.

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