Of Mosquitoes & Stilettos


So it all started with a mosquito repeatedly stinging me under the table during a long tedious meeting. With fears of dengue dancing around in my head I swung my legs to and fro to keep the little monster at bay.

Occasionally hooking my right foot around the left ankle I discreetly performed a scratch here and there with the conveniently sharp stiletto heel.  Little did I know that the right heel at some point had got snugly wedged inside the left shoe.

The meeting finally ended and I stood up in one swift moment, ready to head out the door. But before I could even comprehend what was happening, there I was flat on the floor and my patent leather peep-toe clad feet high up in the air.

Unfortunately I happened to be wearing a wraparound dress which immediately decided to gape open and reveal my bright orange & black polka dotted panties (Gutterflower, you would be so proud) to a boardroom full of colleagues, mostly male.  

A chorus of horrified ‘oh my gods’ rang out while I kicked off the offending shoes and tried scrambling to my feet as gracefully as I could, only to find that the chair I was previously seated on had rolled over my dress as I fell and the edge of my skirt was caught in one the wheels. Some more flashing of skin and orange fabric later I was upright and dignity restored – well almost.

As mortified as I am, I console myself with the thought that I have rather nice legs.


63 thoughts on “Of Mosquitoes & Stilettos

    1. -____-

      thankfully my colleagues were kinder than you 🙂 although i shudder to think of conversation in the smoking lounge.

      1. haha orange and black polka dotted panties…! priceless, just priceless.. 😀

        ok ok i’ll stop, but u have to admit, this sounds like something out of bridget jone’s diary 😀

      2. a) polka dots are pretty
        b) bridget jones would have been wearing her gray granny panties. at least mine were cute 🙂

    1. i had no choice but to laugh and say i tripped on a wire 🙂 who would believe that my shoes got stuck to each other!

    1. every single day of the last 2 weeks i wore pants. why why why did it have to happen on the one day i decide to wear a dress? a jonah day if there ever was one!

  1. hahahaha OMG thank you for making my miserable morning brighter… sure wudve been a sight for sore eyes… hehehe

    btw ps. miss you on twitter =(

  2. PR, i agree! this gives new meaning to ‘wear nice underwear in case of an accident’ 😛

    Hisham, glad to have helped 🙂 and yeah must log into twitter one of these days.

  3. Goodness gracious me!


    I’m at a loss for words, I really am.

    I suppose you can assume its sheer good luck that your wildly kicking stilettos did not do someone an injury, that’s about all else that could have happened.

  4. Jack, no thankfully i was at the head of the table so no one on either side of me.

    Auf, not funneeee!!! but seriously what girl? 😮

    Cadence, no way! i would much rather strut around in my panties than wear a hideous frumpy matronly underskirt 🙂

  5. Looooooooooooooooool!

    This could so easily have been me but plus points are:

    You had on cool and attractive underwear
    You have amzing legs (your words)
    And you must have had on fabulous shoes!

    You’re the epitome of a classy woman!

    (but embarassing nonetheless!)

  6. LOL…. OMG……………… I know how you feel, but not exactly the same thing, but somewhat similar thing when I was 15 or 16…… with shorts, @ home, in front of a crowd for dinner and well… you can imagine the rest… Sigh…. I felt like dying then & there!!!!!! but hey, you get over it after sometime…. and mind you, mine was no accident………

    Anyway, hats off to handling it well… 🙂

  7. hur hur i would have laughed as well. of course then i would have helped you up. and then maybe laughed a little more. JUST to put you at ease!

  8. aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww…hehede…we all have our jonah’s days…hehehe..nicee panties…i have too…same pinch..:)))anyway..you did perfectly right..:)))huggies..:))

  9. I honestly can’t imagine how I would’ve reacted. A weak/nervous chuckle maybe, followed by a brief but paralysing “must-NOT-look-at-her-legs-must-NOT-look-at-her-legs!” moment of agony. :O

    And yes, I’m stalking your blog. 😛

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